Weird Tatty and the Holy Tounge – and My New Glasses

So today my new glasses were delivered to my door from . I do know the owner, but they deliver for non-friends also. Great service. 🙂
I asked my family what they thought of the glasses – I used to always wear round metal, and I went for black plastic. Everyone seemed to like them, except my son who says “Tatty (Daddy), you look like a weird person.” A weird person? What’s that supposed to mean, I thought to myself. On prodding he said “You know, someone we don’t know.”
The Hebrew word “muzar” can mean strange as in weird, and it can also connote a lack of familiarity. So he wasn’t insulting me, my seven-year old was just telling me that I looked radically different.
Remember this cute anecdote when you read a translation of a Hebrew or Aramaic text! There are a lot fewer words in Hebrew, and each word can have many nuances depending on the context. Hidden Torah in particular has its own code, with layers and layers of meaning. The Written
Torah was given on the mountain with an Oral explanation for good reason! You are putting a lot of trust in a translator when you read his translation.




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