Amazing Shiur – Not So Anonymous…

I almost wish I was a woman so I could listen to these:
The Author of Bilvavi, LIVE Phone Shiur for Women
Rabbi Itamar Schwartz, author of the life-transforming series Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh, will be giving a ten-class women’s Rosh Chodesh phone chaburah on the energies of each month, once a month,  throughout the course of the year.
Join now.  Limited spaces available.   Begins this Rosh Chodesh Av.   For Women Only.
Please click on this link to receive more information
The Rav’s books are amazing, and are all published anonymously. But you can’t hide (a Tzaddik doesn’t remain nistar forever) for too long I guess.
Rebbetzin Devorah Yaffa Singer has put together an amazing website… a portal for all sorts of inspirational Torah and spirituality geared towards Jewish women. (And sometimes men too.) Take a look!

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