Yichud Shiur and Meditation Experiment

Had to reinvent this site again when it got deleted during a hosting move. But enough of the geek talk, this just means that I lost a number of posts, and now the site looks different. But thank God, I think it looks a lot nicer. And it has a pic of a flower from my backyard.

I haven’t given a Chassidus/Kabbalah whatever intro shiur in a while. I was thinking of giving a whole Corona shiur.. and I didn’t, for the various reasons.

This shiur has nothing to do with that. But the experiment ties into this week’s parshah, and I went with it, even though I’m actually going to start teaching again this week. (I think.)

Yichud Meditation Experiment

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My New Site

Hello, been a long time since I’ve posted…
I finished my degree, and I’m putting my energies into that… Here’s my new site: ShmuelElbinger.com You can sign up for the email list to that… the focus is more on therapy than Torah in the new blog…. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

Torah and Psychology II? – Surprise!

Is this the prequel or the sequel to my Torah Psychology article? I’ll let you be the judge, but I’m definitely asking for your opinion about the topic covered.

I hope to take you for a bit of a ride with this article. I’m going to start with an amazing d’var Torah that gives tremendous insight into ourselves, what it takes to be a leader, and the different stages of spiritual development. And then… surprise!!! Weren’t expecting that, huh?? We’ll see what you think.

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Torah and Psychology?

Do I hold of Torah psychology? First lets define terms. Does the concept of Torah psychology exist?
Nowadays, people have issues. It’s debatable whether they always had them, they only just started noticing they have them, or they always had them but now we have a lot more people having a lot more issues. But the bottom line is that lots of people have serious issues they need help with, and Jewish folk are not immune at all.

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Really Ancient Wisdom

This is an ancient practice I’ve committed to doing for almost six times a week on average… See the article below from the Journal of Chinese  Medicine for all the extra benefits: spiritual and mental clarity, memory improvement, and stress relief – all these acupuncture points are activated. The true spiritual benefits are immeasurable.
I’m presenting you the article here in full with permission of the Journal of Chinese Medicine. My new friend Rabbi Ariel Tvito sent me the pdf. (The editor generously gave me permission to display it, even though the hard copy price is $6.60 for archived articles.)
Journal of Chinese Medicine on Tefillin

Ho’da’ah – Gratitude – Saving the World, Part 2

Here’s the second installment of the last exciting article:

What are We Missing?

The secret is this:
The true nature of ho’da’ah and the connection between admission and gratitude, is the recognition of personal chisaron, deficiency and imperfection. It is taking ownership of what one is missing. Both thanks and admission of guilt flow from this concept.
But why is this so central to our personal growth, and the rectification of the whole universe?

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